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Since Threads launched in July, Meta has increased the integration between it, Facebook, and Instagram. One example of this integration is that Instagram and Facebook now show in-app carousels of suggested content from Threads.

In response to feedback from Threads users, Meta is now adding the ability for users to opt out of having their posts included in these suggestions.

Meta first started showing these Threads suggestions on Facebook and Instagram in August. The carousels show Threads posts from people you’re associated with on Facebook or Instagram, with a quick link to open (or download) the Threads app and join the conversation.

“If your profile is public, your posts may be suggested on other apps so people can discover and follow you,” Meta explains.

However, this week, Meta is now giving Threads users the option to opt out of having their posts appear as suggested content in Meta and Instagram.

You can find this new option in the Threads app under “Privacy” in a new category called “Suggesting posts on other apps.” Here, you can choose to opt out of having your posts be suggested on Instagram or Facebook. Instagram and Facebook are each separate toggles, so you can choose to opt out of just one of them or both of them.

If you don’t see the new “Suggesting posts” option in the Threads app, make sure you’re running the latest version of the app from the App Store. The feature is still rolling out, so it might not be available for your account yet.

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