How Twitch is redefining journalism | Science & Technology

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The popular app Twitch, created to livestream video game action, is redefining journalism as it becomes a source for news, research finds.

Established news groups and digital-age influencers are competing on Twitch in creative ways to draw users who expect to participate in coverage, says Maxwell Foxman, a media and game studies professor at the University of Oregon whose research on Twitch was recently published in the journal Digital Journalism.

“Twitch could be a boon to traditional news organizations for additional income and audience engagement,” Foxman says. “Our research shows journalists could embrace new practices that are increasingly important to build public trust.”

In their new paper, Foxman and coauthors Brandon C. Harris, who earned a doctorate in media studies at the University of Oregon in 2022, and William Clyde Partin says the app evidences “novel relationships between live…


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