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Ahead of tomorrow’s announcement, many details about the Humane Ai Pin have leaked out, including the price.

According to documents seen by The Verge, the Humane Ai – again, why is it lowercase? – Pin costs $699. Besides the rounded square puck, you get a charger and two “battery boosters” that deliver both power and serve as a magnetic clip for your clothes.

However, more notable is the $24 per month that you have to pay for the “Humane Subscription.” This provides cellular data and a phone number via what should be a Humane MVNO that uses T-Mobile’s network. You also get cloud photo/video storage and the “ability to make unlimited queries of AI models” from Microsoft and OpenAI.

The Humane Ai Pin is powered by an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon, has a camera, sensors for depth and motion, a “personic speaker,” and a green laser projector. Besides voice commands, there’s a touchpad and the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones. Notably, you have to physically activate/touch the Pin as there is no wake word. When the device is recording, you get a “Trust Light” indicator, which is a strip at the top of the device.

The Ai Pin is running an operating system called “Cosmos.” We’ll see tomorrow if Humane acknowledges that the OS is using Android. As previously shown, it can summarize your inbox and apparently “write messages that sound like you.” The Verge says there will be Tidal integration and photography features. There will be some kind of “” portal to view photos, videos, and notes from the Ai Pin on other devices…

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