I Am Your Beast is a John Wick-ensian FPS from the El Paso, Elsewhere developer | Gaming Trailer

I Am Your Beast is a tactical, smack-tical, I hope this tree branch doesn’t crack-tical while I’m hopping off it to land on this dude’s back-tical FPS. It’s from Strange Scaffold, of El Paso, Elsewhere and Booked For The Week fame. It is a euphoric splurge of murderous game verbiage that has you chaining together thrown knives and solar plexus punches, headshots and tree-fu. Lob an empty pistol at your screen, and then replace it, because you’ll need it to watch the trailer below.

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As you can tell, the game overfloweth with Strange Scaffold flavour: subversive and a little ironic while still paying loving homage to the spent shell casings of yesteryear. The writing is great! There’s an odd poetry to the tutorial. The voiceover talks about how nice the bird I’m following is while I’m working out which side of the mouse does the punching. Soon, I’m introduced to Beast’s most tantalisingly ripe-for-nonsense feature: You can run up trees and perch on branches with a single key press. I tree-hop gracefully through the snowy woods, talking about this lovely bird, and it’s very freeing.

Anyway, the bird gets shot. I’m soon…

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