I installed Fallout on my Android phone with this free app—and I’m amazed at how good it is | Gaming

As a PC gamer who doesn’t have a Steam Deck, playing my games on the move is a no-go presently. But after discovering this ace free app on Google Play Store, I’ve been able to take my most recent reinstall of the original Fallout on the go, playing the game on my Android phone. And the experience is actually really good.

This is no janky, slow, buggy mess of an experience by any means. Indeed, it’s remarkable that the fo2.exe app by developer 360deg not only enables the option to play Fallout and Fallout 2 on your Android mobile phone, but comes with a suite of really welcome tools and options that make the experience a surprisingly strong one, with features such as save game importing and exporting, support for the game’s HiRes mod, framerate and touchscreen control, among others.

What takes the app to an even higher level, though, is that it also allows you to play the free fan-made total conversion mod Fallout: Senora, which is a standalone adventure, as well as Fallout: Nevada, which is a fan-made prequel to the original Fallout. After using the app myself, I can confirm that it’s a great way to…

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