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Many of us are using the early Black Friday deals as an opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for our nearest and dearest, and I’ve found the perfect gift for an Xbox fan, myself included! Take a trip down memory lane to the OG Xbox Console with this controller from Hyperkin, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the very first Xbox console.

The Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox is a Thicc-with-a-capital-T controller,  created as an ode to a time before we had responsibilities. A time we had hours upon hours every weekend to play the one game our Mom could afford, a time before Xbox Game Pass. This trip down memory lane to a simpler time can be yours (or a loved ones) for a whopping 34% off as Amazon have shaved just over $22 off the price.

The Hyperkin Duke controller is a great example of how nostalgia can be done right. Staying faithful to the original design of the Xbox controller of old, but making slight improvements to usability. The controller’s OLED display featuring the iconic Xbox start-up animation is a window to your childhood, and the 20th-anniversary logo adds a touch of exclusivity for collectors and a gentle reminder of how time flies. You can check out our full Hyperkin Duke review for more on our thoughts.

The Hyperkin Duke that’s on sale right now also has the 20th anniversary logo making it a covetable item for collectors as well as reminding you how old you really are. But it’s not all about sentimentality; the Hyperkin Duke brings practical improvements to the table. New shoulder buttons and modern precision analog triggers enhance the overall gaming experience while maintaining the distinctive style that made the original Xbox controller iconic.

I also reviewed Hyperkin’s ode to the Xbox360 era in my Hyperkin Xenon review and wasn’t quite as impressed with its construction, as no improvements were made to the original design…

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