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I’ve griped before that Warhammer 40,000 Darktide hides satisfying challenges behind tedious grind, but another interesting challenge is easily missed and forgotten at the opposite end of the scale. Darktide is hard when you start a new character, with weapons that barely scratch some foes and no talents to back them up. It’s a challenge unlike the official high difficulty levels, which lean towards drowning you in special enemies. So after hitting level 30 on all four classes and grinding out great gear, I’ve started a new character who’ll never learn skills or get a good gun. She’s quite bad, and that’s quite fun.

As you climb through Darktide’s formal difficulty levels, it increases challenge by doing more. More hordes, more special enemies, more modifiers that add complications like reduced visibility or extra minibosses. It’s non-stop megamurder. And that’s fun. It is fun. With my levelled-up and kitted-out wizards, I enjoy throwing myself into as tough a mission as I can stomach with random matchmade squads. Yeah the game’s murderous but so am I, armed with honed builds and hard-ground weapons that let me solo threats which would flatten a low-level squad. But I do miss the challenge you only find as a fresh-out-of-jail varlet.

Before you grow as bulletproof as a helmetless named Space Marine character and get tooled up with a sanctified arsenal that a Blood Raven would covet, Darktide is difficult with a whole other pace. You don’t face many foes at once but you can’t handle many either. Even the weakest enemies can batter through your shields in a couple blows, and a few lads with guns can…

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