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A New Study Published in Nature Demonstrates the Potential of Inkbit’s Core Technology to Fundamentally Change How We Manufacture Multi-Material Systems, Without Assembly of Subcomponents.

Inkbit™, a pioneer in advanced additive manufacturing solutions, announced today the publication of a landmark study in the journal Nature, demonstrating the use of its Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology to directly manufacture complex multi-functional systems in one print, without assembly of subcomponents. Written in collaboration with MIT and the Soft Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich, the paper, titled “Vision-Controlled Jetting for Composite Systems and Robots,” demonstrates how VCJ opens a new frontier in manufacturing, by expanding our capabilities to recreate synthetically the intricate structure and functionality of natural organisms.

Traditional manufacturing methods struggle to fabricate systems that mirror the intricate structures and varied material properties found in nature. VCJ rises to this challenge and offers, for the first time, the ability to accurately fabricate complex, multi-functional systems in a single print, without the need to assemble subcomponents.

“Our VCJ technology is a qualitative change in the field of additive manufacturing,” said Davide Marini, CEO, Inkbit. “We are closing the gap between the elegantly sophisticated structures we admire in nature and our ability to replicate them synthetically. This isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap into a new era of manufacturing.”

Inkbit’s VCJ technology originated from traditional inkjet 3D printing, and now takes it to a whole new level by integrating an AI-enabled 3D computer vision scanning system that captures the print geometry of each layer in real time. This digital closed-loop feedback control operation eliminates the need for mechanical planarizers and enables printing with slow-cure chemistries that build the polymer chain more precisely. As a result, VCJ can directly…

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