Inside Snowflake’s iPhone and App Store Strategy for Data and AI Democratization | Technology Apps

You may know Snowflake as a data cloud. That, after all, is the business’s motto. But its business model resembles something else: the iPhone and Apple’s App Store. And as companies look for a place where they can build the next generation of AI-powered apps against their data, Snowflake’s iPhone and App Store approach is gaining traction.

“I always say Snowflake is a data cloud. It’s a cloud where you can run things,” Benoit Dageville, Snowflake’s co-founder of president of product, told a gathering of reporters earlier this week at its Data Cloud Summit in San Francisco.

“But it’s like an iPhone,” he continued. “Our model is that applications are going to be created but you’re going to install this application and run this application within your boundary, within your Snowflake cloud. The beauty of that is that the logic comes to your data. The…


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