Intel unveils Lunar Lake mobile processors at the third Intel Tech Tour in Taipei | Windows

What you need to know

  • Executive team members unveiled specifics of Intel Lunar Lake mobile processors while hosting the company’s third Intel Tech Tour in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Across-the-board performance per watt improvements were demonstrated with in-house benchmark results and live demonstrations compared to previous-generation Meteor Lake devices.
  • Intel stresses that an AI advantage is not only related to Microsoft’s Copilot+ and that anyone who bought a Meteor Lake PC is considered “future-proof,” with further retorts to Microsoft’s implied priority on Snapdragon X and ARM.

The most exciting technology shift in years is happening, and the laptop category is about to look dramatically different, thanks to Intel and its rivals. It stands alongside its major PC manufacturing competitors, gearing up to show off the latest innovations in raw computing power in its Lunar Lake chips, paired with genuinely revolutionary advancements in power efficiency…


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