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Following the United States in July, YouTube Premium’s international price increase is starting. The Google video is rolling this out slowly across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

As of November 1, YouTube Premium is seeing an international price increase in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, Germany, Poland, and Turkey. This applies to individual, family, and student plans for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

In Australia, YouTube Premium Individual is now A$16.99 and is said to be the “first ever price increase for your subscription” (for the country). For those currently paying a lower rate, YouTube is continuing that pricing for “at least three extra months.”

Existing subscribers will start to see the new pricing with their next billing cycle. In announcing via email this morning, YouTube says it doesn’t “make these decisions lightly” and says the price increase will allow it to “continue to improve Premium and support the creators and artists you watch on YouTube.”

This price increase is happening in a piecemeal fashion across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America rather than the price going up for all countries in a region.

It comes as YouTube is now banning ad blockers around the world and a big rollout of new app features.

YouTube Premium removes ads, adds audio-only playback for videos, and allows offline downloads. Other features include a 1080p Premium streaming quality, co-watching in Google Meet, and the ability to test features ahead of time. As a reminder, it’s cheaper to subscribe to YouTube Premium directly online rather than the iOS App Store.

You can manage your subscription here.

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