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In late October, art and technology fans alike were treated to a one-of-a-kind exhibition in Seoul, South Korea featuring the latest Bespoke home appliances.

Understanding evolving user needs and preferences, Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke product line boasts advanced features and sleek, timeless designs perfect for various home interiors — from contemporary apartments to “hanoks,” or traditional Korean-style houses. To showcase the versatility of Bespoke appliances, Samsung collaborated with Superposition, an art furniture design group, to unveil an innovative exhibit at the Hanok Gallery Jiwooheon in Seoul that reimagined the modern home.

▲ (Left) Entrance to the “Timeless” exhibit at the Hanok Gallery Jiwooheon. (Right) Superposition’s “byungpoong” on the “toenmaru,” a narrow wooden porch, at Jiwooheon.

Samsung Newsroom sat down with Euna Oh, Chief CMF1 Designer at Samsung Electronics, Ahjung Joo, CMF Designer at Samsung Electronics, and Superposition team members Jeong-Seon Seo, Sun-Kwang Seo and Jong-Min Kim to learn how the “Timeless” exhibit seamlessly blended the past and present.

High-End Interior Designs for the Home

The Bespoke Infinite Line™ (Infinite Line™), Samsung’s premium line of appliances, was the center of the exhibition. To create a product lineup that was physically and aesthetically fit for modern kitchens, the company carefully selected high-quality, long-lasting materials and developed a unique CMF that utilizes aluminum and ceramic finishes. As this CMF contains recycled materials, Samsung built a collection of home appliances that is luxurious, visually distinct and eco-conscious — recognizing that modern interior design and high-end kitchen concepts incorporate elements from nature.

“Consumer preferences for home and kitchen interiors…

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