Interview With the Vampire on AMC is the best show almost nobody is watching. | News World

Perhaps no channel better encapsulates what my colleague Sam Adams defined as the end of Peak TV and the start of Trough TV like AMC and its neglected streaming arm AMC+, a service that is unfamiliar to virtually everyone I know. Gone are the days of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and even Better Call Saul, which ended two years ago with less fanfare than you would think. Now AMC mainly treats us to an ever-expanding roster—six and counting, by my estimation—of uneven spin-offs of The Walking Dead. Middling zombie IP can only take you so far; where’s the next great show from the former network titan of prestige programming? The answer is a series that has been here all along and is, in fact, well into its second season: Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire.

AMC’s adaptation of Rice’s popular 1976 gothic horror-romance novel starts with a journalist. After an encounter gone near fatally wrong half a century prior, cynical Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian) sits…


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