Introducing Advanced Device Control: Shielding businesses from USB threats  | Malware

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With experts noting a troubling threefold surge in USB drive malware incidents in early 2023, Device Control has just leveled up with a key addition: the Advanced Auto Scanning & Block Until Scan feature.

Here’s the breakdown: When a USB device is connected, ThreatDown now doesn’t just control access—it actively scans it. You can also now choose to block the device until the system scans it. This means threats are stopped in their tracks, well before they can do any harm.

Available for both Nebula and OneView users, the new update also offers detailed device insights on the Quarantine and Detections pages. The interactive “Device” column, for example, reveals comprehensive details like the serial number and volume name.

Advanced Device Control is designed to make it that much easier for organizations to defend against USB malware, which can cause data breaches and other system compromises. Let’s dive deeper into the update!

Automated Scanning

When a USB device is inserted, the new feature automatically initiates a scan for potential threats. This is proactive, as opposed to the more passive nature of traditional device control, which simply controlled access when storage drives were connected via USB.

Conditional Access Based on Scan Results

Perhaps the most significant addition is the ability to block access to the device until it has been scanned for threats. This ensures that no potentially harmful files are accessed before they are verified as safe, a capability not present in the original Device Control setting.

Customizable Alerts

Users can craft an optional alert message that appears when a…

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