iOS 18 Will Offer Humane AI-Like Text Message Summaries | Technology

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When iOS 18 arrives later this year it might come with the ability to summarize iMessages using artificial intelligence, similar to a feature available on Android and with the Humane AI pin.

According to AppleInsider, who spoke with sources familiar with the matter, Apple is working on a way to use AI  to summarize longer text messages while also including “all available relevant information” including any companies, people, or locations that were mentioned in a text.

Apple is also reportedly working on a similar feature for Safari 18 which would provide a summary of any webpage, for instance, a news article, on the screen.

Once the software has created a summary of text messages it will also be able to create a few appropriate responses that can used to respond to the sender quickly. 

Apple is working on creating its own language model to power its AI that is capable of running without a web connection; however, it’s also reportedly negotiating with both Google and OpenAI to potentially license their AI tools to use with iOS 18 as well.

Having the AI run without a web connection will enable phones to respond faster and will also allow for more…


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