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We still have over eight months to go before we expect to see the Pixel 9 series. However, thanks to reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks), we already have renders for the phones.

These leaks are certainly interesting to see this early in the cycle. More importantly, though, they tell a brand new story for the Pixel line as a whole. I want to break down that story here (and in the video above) to see what Google’s goals might be in 2024.

Based on current leaks, are you buying a Pixel 9 phone?

152 votes

Yes, the compact Pixel 9-31%

Yes, the larger Pixel 9 Pro-36%

No, I’m not interested in either-17%

I’m not sure-16%

Google Pixel 9 leaked renders

Before I get too deep into things, I want to give a little refresh on the renders themselves. You can see the alleged Google Pixel 9 Pro above and the regular Pixel 9 below.

The first thing you’ll notice with the Pixel 9 Pro leak are the flat sides around the phone. This is something you might say is “borrowed” from the iPhone, but we’ll touch more on that in a bit. You’ll also notice that the camera bar has been updated. The curved corners of the camera bar remind me of the Material Design language that you see throughout the Android operating system itself. This is no doubt deliberate, as Google controls Pixel hardware and Android, so it’s trying to make those look more cohesive.

Next up, we have leaked renders for the Pixel 9. These were the most surprising renders of the batch because they look nearly identical to the Pixel 9 Pro. The most significant difference between them is size: The Pixel 9 should be about the same size as the Pixel 8, while the Pixel 9 Pro renders are about the same size as the Pixel 8…

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