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Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake is just a few months away, hitting PlayStation 5 and PC in October. But what about Microsoft’s console? Is the Silent Hill 2 remake coming to Xbox? Here’s the answer.

Is the Silent Hill 2 Remake Coming to Xbox?

Bloober Team and Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake is not coming to Xbox, at least not in the near future. It’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive on console, and while some fans have been grumbling about the characters’ new looks, Sony will be counting on the game to pull players to PS5.

And while Sony hasn’t spoken on the subject, you can bet that money changed hands and that Konami was given a substantial sum of cash to keep the game a PlayStation exclusive, for a while at least. Sony can keep Horizon as a PlayStation exclusive with ease since they own the studio. But since Konami is independent, they’d have to have been a financial arrangement of some sort.

Microsoft is, seemingly, not happy about whatever…


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