Israeli IDF Completing Main Combat in Khan Yunis and Prepares Rafah and Central Gaza Operations | Science & Tech

Troops in elite commando units of the Israel Defense Forces are increasing attacks on Hamas targets in western Khan Yunis ahead of the looming invasion of Rafah, the terror group’s last stronghold in Gaza.

On Wednesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the IDF would be conducting intense combat operations in Rafah after wrapping up warfare in Khan Yunis.

“We have instructed the IDF to prepare to operate in Rafah and the two central camps,” Netanyahu said at a press conference in Jerusalem, describing Gaza’s southernmost city as Hamas’s “main bastion.

Institute for the Study of War Feb 8, 2024 Key Takeaways on Gaza and Iran related combat.

Northern Gaza Strip: Palestinian fighters are continuing to infiltrate previously cleared areas.
Southern Gaza Strip: The Israel Defense Forces 98th Division continued to conduct clearing operations in Khan Younis.
Political Negotiations: Israel reportedly proposed to the United States exiling the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, in exchange for Hamas returning all hostages and an end to the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.
West Bank: Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian fighters in two locations.
Southern Lebanon and Golan Heights: Iranian-backed militias, including Lebanese Hezbollah, conducted 10 attacks from southern Lebanon into northern Israel.
Iraq: Iranian-backed Iraqi actors are continuing to exploit US military operations in Iraq to amplify pressure on the Mohammad Shia al…

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