‘It felt so wrong’: Chumbawamba wants New Zealand politician to stop playing ‘Tubthumping’ at rallies | News World


When New Zealand’s populist Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters strode out to address a political convention in the city of Palmerston North in March, the sound of British punk band Chumbawamba’s iconic song “Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down)” blared over the speakers.

And while this wasn’t the first time Peters had used or referenced the ‘90s hit, his choice of song has now attracted the vocal displeasure of the band itself.

During his State of the Nation speech, Peters, the leader of the nationalist New Zealand First party, criticized the former Labour government’s policy of co-governance (joint decision-making with the Māori people), and pointed to the emergence of an unspecified “race-based theory” that he compared to a philosophy “seen… in Nazi Germany.” Peters then went on to call for educational reforms, including the removal of “gender, sexuality and relationship-based education guidelines” from schools.

The controversial remarks were met with backlash from other members of New Zealand’s coalition government, which largely comprises the mainstream National and ACT parties. But those…

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