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Comedian and late-night TV legend Jon Stewart has had enough of AI industry leaders making bombastic claims about how the tech will solve anything from climate change to genetic diseases — while celebrating the demise of the human job market.

In an excoriating Monday episode of “The Daily Show,” Stewart took AI tech CEOs to task, accusing them of making “false promises” about AI by painting a picture of a “utopian life without drudgery.”

“But the reality is, they come for our jobs,” he said. “So I want your assurance that AI isn’t removing the human from the loop.”

His comments are a sobering reflection on an increasingly dire situation. While AI leaders, including the likes of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, have repeatedly underplayed the possibility of having AI replace human workers en masse, we’ve already seen a troubling trend emerge, with companies opting to invest billions in the tech, while conducting mass layoffs.


In his monologue, Stewart addressed the possible motives behind that trend.

“It’s about productivity,” Stewart said derisively. “And that’s good for all of us, yes? Although they do let the real truth slip out every now and again,” he added, referring to Nadella admitting that there’ll be “labor displacement in the market.”

“So AI can cure diseases and solve climate change,” Stewart said. “But that’s not exactly what companies are going to be using it for, are they?”

“So while we wait for this thing to cure diseases and solve climate change,” he argued, “it’s replacing us in the workforce — not in the future, but now.”

While Stewart’s monologue may feature his…

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