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Following up yesterday’s news on Ghost Story Games’ upcoming Judas, courtesy of the Ian Games Network, another interview with the Friends Per Second podcast, via SkillUp on YouTube, has shed light aplenty on the upcoming Bioshock-ian FPS game. The hosts played the game for 5 hours at Ghost Story Games in Boston, then interviewed director Ken Levine. Here’s a crunchy chipstick of a take to kick things off with; Judas is, says Ralph of SkillUp, “Definitely not Bioshock in space”. I…haven’t played it, have I, so I’ll put my cynicism in its horrible little cage for a bit. Aesthetically, at least, Judas does look to have a lot going for it.

Not least because of the giant robot dog that takes on the role of Bioshock’s bathysphere this time around. Riding the dog sounds to involve a pixel art minigame that has you collect fuel pickups. You’ll ride the dog between the “districts” of the city-sized spaceship Mayflower. We also got a few details on what exactly those districts might entail. The hosts mention a “birthing district” and “milk district”. Whatever you think the “milk district” might be in terms of a Bioshock-ian dystopia, it sounds like you’re probably right. The hosts made a face. I made a face. I’m sure you are also likely making a face right now.

The podcast also goes into a lot of new detail on what Judas is actually like to play. The most interesting of which, at least to me, is the idea of a dynamic difficulty system that reacts not to how well you’re doing, as these things often do, but what sort of playstyles you favour. There’s a “procedural design…

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