Just Cause devs’ Xbox exclusive Contraband reportedly faces huge delay | Gaming

The wait for Avalanche Studios’ heist title Contraband already feels like a long one, especially since it has been six years since the developer released Just Cause 4 on consoles. Now, the studios’ forthcoming Xbox exclusive may see it extensively delayed, as a string of layoffs have hit Avalanche recently.

In a new episode of the Xbox News Cast podcast, reporter ‘Middleagegamegy’ claims that Contraband won’t be joining the roster of new Xbox games, like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, set to release for later this year. “I have been told that it’s been delayed, and that it’s going to be delayed well into 2025, [it] could be the end of 2025 for all we know,” alleges the Xbox leaker. Additionally, he purports that people who have played the open world game early believe that the “game was fun, it was great, it was a very early build.”

Earlier this year, Middleagegamegy also suggested that Contraband’s gameplay was similar to that of underrated FPS…

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