Kamala Harris schools anti-Israel heckler in Michigan: ‘I’m speaking right now’ | News World

LANSING, Mich. — Kamala Harris had no patience with a screaming protester at a Detroit Democratic fundraiser Saturday night, sternly telling her it was the vice president’s moment to speak.

The veep began her remarks at the Michigan Democratic Party Legacy Dinner, where tickets started at $200, by addressing the bloodshed in Gaza directly — intending to diffuse any tension.

It had the opposite effect.

As Harris spoke, there were multiple outcries from the audience, with one woman repeatedly shouting, “It’s genocide!”

Harris paused her speech to give the heckler a piece of her mind. “For the past eight months, President Biden and I have been working every day to bring this conflict — I’m speaking right now. I value and respect your voice, but I’m speaking right now,” she said as security dragged the woman out of the room.


Source nypost.com

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