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Back at the EICMA 2022 trade show in Milan, Kawasaki unveiled a dual-battery Ninja-style electric motorcycle designed for A1 license riders in the EU. Now the company has announced that two Ninja electrics will go on sale in the UK next month.

Folks hoping for a powerful new Ninja, but electric, will be disappointed. Both entry level bikes will join Kawasaki’s Ninja 125 and Ninja Z125 models.

The naked “Sugomi” Z e-1 and fully cowled e-1 are built around the same 5-kW brushless motor within a trellis chassis that peaks at 9 kW for short bursts, and feature parallel-wired dual Li-ion batteries designed for “more efficient charge usage.”

There’s a socket under the seat for plugging into an external charger, or a charging dock can top up one removed battery at a time. Per-charge range estimates have not been given.

The Ninja e-1 model comes fully cowled and rolls with the same 5-kW motor as the naked Z e-1. Kawasaki.

The two electric models will offer a “twist and go” gearless ride over eco or road modes, plus that peak-power e-boost for a brief top speed of 99 km/h (61.5 km/h). A walk mode works in forward and reverse for help when parking up.

The only other information of note that Kawasaki has shared at this time is a TFT dash with smartphone connectivity, the bikes will roll with “400cc motorcycle class ABS brakes,” and they’ll sport unique EV livery in silver and green.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed either, but we do know that UK riders will get first bite from next month.

Source: Kawasaki UK

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