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Laton Ventures, a new gaming venture capital fund, is launching today with $35 million in money to invest in game companies.

The creation of this Turkiye-based fund during the current weak state of the gaming industry may be a comfort those who are worried about all the layoffs in the industry. This shows that at least one group of investors and their limited partners are confident about gaming’s future.

The firm promises to keep a keen eye on the evolving landscape of gaming and interactive entertainment, and to focus on Turkey’s rising status as a global hub in these dynamic industries.

Laton Ventures wants to become the vital link connecting Turkish and global gaming ecosystems by investing not only in Turkey but also globally, said founding partner Görkem Türk, in an interview with GamesBeat.

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“We’re going to be quite agnostic toward the content category. We will invest in mobile, PC and console. Our background is coming from mobile. So we will always acknowledge that. We will be investing in everything, but probably we…

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