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It’s time to become a legend. Legend Bowl finally hits the Gridiron after much anticipation, aiming to take players back to the glory days of in-depth sports simulation – through all the dirt, blood, and glory. Unlike other football simulation titles, Legend Bowl aims to create a hybrid of arcade-style football and simulation aspects both on and off the field. The newly released launch trailer highlights the main features of the title; standouts include the franchise mode, full customization, real physics and weather, and deep gameplay.

Legend Bowl features all traditional simulator modes, which includes both exhibition and tournament. The game comes packed with a default roster of 32 teams, plus several roster presets which push the default amount of teams to over 100. If there still isn’t anything which strikes your fancy though, you can create your own rosters full of teams, and customize all aspects of them; their location, their players, their stadiums, their stats, everything all the way down to in-depth, modular uniform customization! Mix things up by swapping between rosters as you jump between modes. Plus, all custom rosters are usable in Franchise Mode! In any mode, you can play AI vs AI, yourself vs AI, or have up to three of your friends join you split between the two teams.

The real MVP of Legend Bowl is the fully featured franchise-mode. Select a team – custom or preset – and step directly into the shoes of the head coach. Will you be able to become a legend and grab the glory of the Legend Bowl trophy each season? After creating a coach, you’ll jump right into the action; play (or sim!) across a 17-week schedule. Along the way, you’ll be faced with player wire events, play and team stat simulations, weekly wrap up news, and…

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