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Jordan at the Limiting Factor projects magapack energy demand. He does his usual excellent job but he does not factor in increased energy demand from AI data centers. AI data centers could more double the amount of overall world energy needed by 2040. The overall energy demand used in Tesla Master Plan part 3 did not factor in rapid increasing electricity needs for AI.

Jordan assumes Tesla getting 15% or 35% of global market share. Nextbigfuture believes Tesla could get more energy market share by including aspects of the energy substations and grid distribution into the hardware and software. Megapack 3 will be able to connect directly to high energy lines which will speed installation and remove grid bottlenecks. Tesla and XAI will also be making many of the AI data centers. They will be able to provide their own energy and energy storage.

This makes the 6 to 13 megapack factories conservative.

I had a projection of Tesla getting towards 9.5 forty GWh per year megapack factories…


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