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Samsung has launched its next major update, One UI 6.1, for select Galaxy devices. Here’s the full list of phones and tablets being updated.

What’s new in One UI 6.1?

One UI 6.1 is Samsung’s second update built on top of Android 14. Visually, there aren’t many changes, but there are some new features and tweaks.

The big story is around Galaxy AI, Samsung’s suite of AI-enhanced features available throughout the software. Many of these live within Samsung apps, while Google’s Circle to Search is available through a simple long-press of the home button or gesture bar. The full list of Galaxy AI features includes:

  • Circle to Search
  • Chat Assist
  • Interpreter
  • Live Translate
  • Note Assist
  • Transcript Assist
  • Browsing Assist
  • Generative Edit
  • Edit Suggestion
  • Instant Slow-Mo
  • Generative Wallpaper
  • Photo Ambient Wallpaper

Some of these features, though, do vary by device. Photo Ambient Wallpaper is currently exclusive to the…


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