Long Dark dev criticises Manor Lords for lack of updates, Hooded Horse CEO replies that not every game needs to be “some live-service boom or bust” | Gaming

The publishers of recent city builder sensation Manor Lords and elder survival sim juggernaut The Long Dark are having a mostly gentlepersonly skirmish about how many significant updates a game should have in early access, and the potential consequences in terms of both developer overwork and players losing interest.

Yesterday, Hinterlands CEO Raphael van Lierop published a LinkedIn post describing Manor Lords as “a pretty interesting case-study in the pitfalls of Early Access development when a game with a small team (and heavily marketed as such) hits the reality of a hungry audience”. Much like RPS’s in-house bourgeois serf-botherer Nic Reuben, Van Lierop is keen on Manor Lords, describing it as “of very high quality”, but has a bone to pick with the…

Source www.rockpapershotgun.com

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