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What you need to know

  • Lords of the Fallen is a reboot of the original 2014 Soulslike of the same name by developer HexWorks. It released on October 13 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Windows PC.
  • HexWorks has shown off a roadmap for all of the additional free DLC content coming to the game before 2023 ends, and also confirmed support for the game in 2024.
  • These content additions include new questlines, armor sets, spells, features, and more. For the full list of what’s coming, refer to the text below.
  • Lords of the Fallen has gotten a few updates since it launched, including a “Pumpkin Patch” that kicked off a Halloween-themed event.

About a month after the launch of developer HexWorks’ reboot of Lords of the Fallen, the studio has shown fans of the popular Soulslike a roadmap of the content they can expect to get in DLC updates before the end of 2023.

These updates — which will be free for all players — will include everything from additional armor sets and questlines to packs of new spells, special enhancements to boss weapons, and the introduction of some highly requested gameplay features. At the same time, HexWorks will also seek to make weekly adjustments and improvements to stability, performance, co-op and PvP, game balance, and more.

For a complete look at everything coming to Lords of the Fallen, check the official image of the roadmap below (or the list that’s below that). Note that while there’s no concrete release date for any of these additions, they’re expected to come during “the remainder of 2023” and are “actively being worked on.”

Here’s everything we know is coming to Lords of the Fallen in the remainder of 2023. (Image credit: HexWorks)
  • Ongoing Weekly Enhancements
    • Stability fixes
    • Performance improvements
    • Save game fixes
    • Co-op/PvP improvements
    • Balancing (PvE priority)
    • Increased boss difficulty
    • QoL …

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