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Generally speaking, you want to minimize your exposure to cheap stocks under $10. Yes, smaller companies have the potential to rise dramatically higher than their larger counterparts. In part, that’s because they’re unpredictable – and this ambiguity cuts both ways.

Sure, cheap stocks under $10 have the benefit of the law of small numbers working in their favor during upswings. Basically, it doesn’t take as much energy to push a pebble up the mountain. However, if you climb too high up that mountain and you slip, bad things can happen. That’s the danger with lesser-known enterprises.

Still, by talking calculated risks – especially with analyst-endorsed ideas – you could potentially win out. With that possibility in mind, here are some cheap stocks under $10 to consider.

Crescent Point Energy (CPG)

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As a hydrocarbon specialist, Crescent Point Energy (NYSE:CPG) might not seem the most promising of cheap stocks under $10. First, you have the ongoing relevancy issue with the oil and gas space amid the rising prominence of renewable infrastructures. Second, the fossil-fuel players haven’t performed that well recently (though CPG stock appears to be an exception).

Still, investors are gradually feeling confident about Crescent. Yes, in the company’s third quarter of 2023, it posted a loss per share of $1.13. That was well below expectations calling for earnings per share of 35 cents. However, in Q4, Crescent made good, posting EPS of $1.26 against an estimated 28 cents.

For the current fiscal year, analysts anticipate revenue to reach $3.19 billion. If so, that would be a 34.7% skyrocketing against last year’s print of $2.37 billion. And in 2025, they believe sales of $3.67 billion are in order. That would imply a 15.1% year-over-year lift.

Analysts rate shares a unanimous strong buy

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