Major Study Finds 15 Factors Linked to Early Dementia Risk : ScienceAlert | Science

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While dementia is much more common in older adults, hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with young-onset dementia (YOD) each year – and an extensive study sheds some considerable light on why.

Most previous research in this area has looked at genetics passed down through generations, but here, the team was able to identify 15 different lifestyle and health factors that are associated with YOD risk.

“This is the largest and most robust study of its kind ever conducted,” said epidemiologist David Llewellyn from the University of Exeter in the UK.

“Excitingly, for the first time it reveals that we may be able to take action to reduce risk of this debilitating condition, through targeting a range of different factors.”

The research team analyzed data collected on 356,052 people aged under 65 in the UK. Low socioeconomic status, social isolation, hearing impairment, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and depression were all associated with a higher risk of YOD.

Vitamin D deficiency and high levels of the C-reactive protein (produced by the liver in response to inflammation) also meant a higher risk, as did having two of the ApoE4 ε4 gene variants (a genetic scenario…


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