Microsoft Edge is getting a built-in AI theme creator on Windows 11, Windows 10 | Windows

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Microsoft is getting more creative with using AI in its products. Windows 11 already comes with full-fledged Copilot integration, and Microsoft is taking more steps to improve the integration in Edge. The latest AI feature for Windows’ default browser is the ability to create themes using AI.

As per the listing mentioned on the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the upcoming Edge feature will be called AI theme generator. It will allow you to create a new theme using text prompts and generate a series of images that will be applied as Microsoft Edge’s new theme.


The dominant color will be applied to the browser frame after the AI-generated image is used for the new tab page. For example, if black is the image’s dominant color on the Edge new tab page, then the frame will turn black to match the image color.

Microsoft Edge only supports system default themes (dark or light) and inbuilt themes. You can download more from the web store, but with the AI theme generator, the new theme will be unique to your PC.

Generating AI images with the DALL-E 3-based image generation tool is already available in Microsoft Copilot. You can use Edge or Copilot on…


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