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Microsoft Edge could soon change the world of blogging, journalism and email writing with a new tool, “AI-writing”. As first spotted by Windows Latest, this feature, powered by ChatGPT’s GPT-4 and Bing AI, uses Microsoft’s in-house AI and ML technologies to help you write on the web.

You can soon select texts on any web page and ask Microsoft Edge to rewrite them in your preferred tone, length and more. Microsoft Edge’s AI writing is fully customizable and works like the Compose Box, accessible via the sidebar. However, the primary difference between both features is AI writing is integrated into the web.

When the feature is turned on, you’ll get help writing on the web with AI that allows you to generate ideas for writing, elaborate, rewrite, change tone, format and more. The tech giant seems to be A/B testing it with a select group of users, and only some have access to it.

Once you have turned on “AI-writing” in Settings, select texts in a text box and click “Rewrite”. Edge will generate a new version of the chosen texts, and you can insert it into the text box or make changes using AI contextual buttons.

As you can see in the above screenshot, a new option, “Rewrite”, appears when you select texts in any text box. You click the option to create “another version” of your text.

“Tones” have options like “Professional,” “Casual,” “Enthusiastic,” “Informational,” and “Funny”. Depending on what you select, Edge will rewrite the content in that specified tone.

It’s also possible to change the formats between “Paragraph,”…

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