Microsoft Is Killing WordPad, So Get Used to These Alternatives Now | Windows

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After around 30 years of WordPad, Windows has decided it’s time to stick it in the recycle bin. But don’t fret—depending on what you use WordPad for, there are many alternatives you can rely on to execute the same tasks. Let’s look into some of these in more detail.

Say Goodbye to WordPad

Windows will no longer update WordPad, and it will be removed from all editions of Windows 11 from version 24H2 and Windows Server 2025. Even though its regular users might miss its simplicity, user-friendly interface, fast performance, basic formatting options, and cross-Windows compatibility, all these benefits can be found in other documenting programs.

Windows NotePad

If you’re looking to replicate the simplicity of WordPad, NotePad is the answer. Best known for its plain text (“.txt”) documents, NotePad can be beneficial when you don’t need a rich text editor.

I personally use NotePad as an in-between when I want to remove all formatting from some text (for example, if I’ve copied it from a website) before pasting the text into Microsoft Word for further formatting. Programmers also like to use NotePad as a scratch book for basic coding—you can save your…


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