Microsoft makes Windows 11 ‘Recall’ opt-in amid privacy concerns | News World

With its new “Copilot+ PCs” powered by Snapdragon processors, Microsoft also debuted a clever new feature called “Recall” which is able to let users search anything they’ve done on their machine. But following privacy concerns, Microsoft has announced that “Recall” in Windows 11 will be an opt-in feature.

“Recall” was first announced alongside the initial wave of Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus powered laptops. The feature, Microsoft explained, would let users search through anything they’ve done on their computer. The feature worked by capturing screenshots every few seconds and letting AI then search through those screenshots to find what you were looking for. It was all done on-device, but many still took issue with the potential privacy implications of capturing and storing that much user data.

Microsoft has now backtracked and announced that the feature will be opt-in only.

Initially, “Recall” was supposed to be the default…


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