Microsoft’s Irish subsidiaries pay US parent $56bn in dividends – The Irish Times | Windows

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Microsoft’s main Irish subsidiaries paid their US-based parent company just under $56 billion (€52.2bn) in dividends last year, accounts just filed here indicate.

Accounts for Microsoft Round Island One (MRIO), a subsidiary of the global tech giant that holds investments in other companies in the Microsoft group, show that it paid a dividend of $38 billion to its US-based parent in the year to the end of June 2023.

After the year end an additional dividend of $17.8 billion was “declared”, according to a note to the accounts, which are filed with the companies office here. It is not clear from the accounts if this sum has been paid over by the Irish subsidiary or if the payment is pending.

Microsoft’s network of companies in Ireland is structured so that each entity essentially sends dividend payments to MRIO, which are then paid to the global parent company Microsoft Corporation in Washington state.

MRIO paid $414,000 in corporation tax here, with income of $38 billion. MRIO’s income comes primarily from intercompany dividends received from another Irish-based entity, Microsoft Ireland Research, which pays corporation tax in Ireland on its profits. As such a large part…


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