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Activision have revealed what’s coming to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone 2 in its upcoming Season 3 update. For Modern Warfare 3, there’s a slew of new and remastered 6 vs 6 maps, new modes, and Zombies story additions. As for Warzone, highlights include the return of fan-favourite Rebirth Island, biometric scanners, new perks, and four new weapons. Let me break the details down for you, like how I used to break my friends’ spirits by sprinting at enemies without communicating my intentions, going down, then spectating as they attempted to pick up the pieces.

Alright so, Season 3 brings with it six 6 vs 6 maps, three of which will arrive in an undated mid-season update. The three that’ll arrive at launch are Emergency, 6 Star, and Tanked, with 6 Star being set atop a Dubai skyscraper and sticking out to me as a highlight for this reason. I’m a big fan of resort-style maps in COD as not only are they ‘uplifting’ in the sense of being somewhat sunnier than most, they’re often home to tight lanes and slightly cramped lounge areas that up the FPS intensity to a level I’m fond of: fast, frantic, mildly infuriating.

As for those new game modes, Capture The Flag arrives at launch, and One In The Chamber arrives in an unspecified “launch window” – a return for a mode first introduced in Black Ops, which is pretty neat. Then you’ve got Minefield and Escort coming mid-season, with Escort being fairly self explanatory as one team guides a little vehicle to a spot, while the other team tries to prevent it from happening. Minefield sounds… baffling, though. It’s like Kill Confirmed, except instead of…

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