Monster Hunter Wilds’ new trailer shows sick cutscenes and lizard-worms that are gonna make even sicker pants | Gaming Trailer

Capcom’s series about big beasts and the clothes you can skin/steal from them continues in Monster Hunter Wilds, which looked as great as ever in its newest trailer from tonight’s Summer Game Fest show. We get new peeks at some lovely dunes, reptile-chicken mounts and bulky weapons. Oh, and some monsters ripe for huntin’, presumably.

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I’ve plopped Monster Hunter Wilds’ second proper trailer above for you, dear reader. I haven’t jumped into Monster Hunter in years, but those cutscenes are certainly more lavish and involved than I remember the series caring for.

The dunes above are, I’m guessing, the same Windward Plains area that housed the “sandy deserts, swaying grasslands, and twisting rock formations” seen in last week’s trailer, only this time with a hell of a lot more scaly sandworms called glops chasing our party. It’s a bad sign that I saw the glops and immediately dreamed about the leathery pants I could craft with their skin, right?

There are also fresh looks at the cursed lion Doshaguma and the new mount Seikret, which lets you gather materials and sharpen weapons while still on its back, helpfully cutting back on the…


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