Moonshot Spotlight: 3 AI Stocks Primed for a Triple-Digit Rise | Markets

AI stocks are still selling like pancakes, with companies like Nvidia and SMCI leading the charge. Admittedly, the over-zealous buying sprees make many wonder if the tech sector is in a bubble. Whether true or not, it’s in an investor’s best interest to buy into AI stocks that haven’t run their course. These companies may be sitting on the sidelines, working on the emerging technology until they’re ready to skyrocket.

So, today, let’s look at AI stocks that could offer epic growth to investors. To get the list, I used the following filters:

  • Companies involved in developing apps, tools, or components to drive AI growth
  • Stocks with a minimum buy rating and above from analysts
  • Yearly earnings growth of more than 100%

Then, I sorted the stocks based on earnings growth from highest to lowest. This lets me focus only on AI stocks with exponential earnings and profit growth, which could be the start of their epic rise.

Itron (ITRI)

While Itron (NASDAQ:ITRI) may not be as exciting as other tech companies that sell new gadgets and cool toys, its services cater to some of society’s most important needs. The company offers Industrial IoT, energy, water, gas and intelligent infrastructure services, allowing its customers to measure and analyze water, gas, and electricity consumption. Itron operates in three…


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