More_eggs Malware Disguised as Resumes Targets Recruiters in Phishing Attack | Cybersecurity

Jun 10, 2024. Newsroom Phishing Attack / Cybercrime.

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a phishing attack distributing the More_eggs malware by masquerading it as a resume, a technique originally detected more than two years ago.

The attack, which was unsuccessful, targeted an unnamed company in the industrial services industry in May 2024, Canadian cybersecurity firm eSentire disclosed last week.

“Specifically, the targeted individual was a recruiter that was deceived by the threat actor into thinking they were a job applicant and lured them to their website to download the loader,” it said.

More_eggs, believed to be the work of a threat actor known as the Golden Chickens (aka Venom Spider), is a modular backdoor that’s capable of harvesting sensitive information. It’s offered to other criminal actors under a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) model.

Last year, eSentire unmasked the real-world identities of two individuals – Chuck from Montreal and Jack – who are said to be…


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