Nader Eyadat, IDF commander, speaks of the Bedouin in the military | News World

On October 7, Muslim Bedouin IDF soldier Lt.-Col. Nader Eyadat was at home when reports of the rocket launches began. He decided to go to the Tze’elim Ground Forces training base in the Negev to ready himself to defend the South.

While he was driving, the phone rang. On the other end was Col. Tal Ashur, who had just been appointed acting commander of the Southern Brigade after the late Col. Asaf Hamami was killed battling terrorists. 

“It was a short conversation,” Tal said, “‘Hamami was killed. I’m taking his place. The battalion commander of the reconnaissance battalion was seriously wounded, take command’.”

The 39-year-old Eyadat is married and a father of two, and is a member of the Bedouin community from Beit Zarzir. He enlisted to the IDF in 2005 and has since been deployed as a combat soldier in the Desert Reconnaissance Battalion which operates in the area of ​​the southern division around Gaza. 

He has since risen through the ranks. He was the first Bedouin…


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