NASA’s GOLD Satellite Discovers Mysterious Plasma Structures in the Earth’s Atmosphere | Space & Technology

NASA’s Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission has discovered a new phenomenon in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The mission revealed unexpected X- and C-shaped structures in the ionosphere that have puzzled scientists. 

The new findings suggest that our understanding of the ionosphere is far from complete and that more dynamics are at play in this region of Earth’s atmosphere than previously thought.

The ionosphere, a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere extending from about 50 to 400 miles above the surface, is a region where solar radiation ionizes atmospheric particles, creating a plasma of charged particles. 

This layer plays a crucial role in long-distance radio communications, as it can reflect radio waves back to Earth. However, GOLD’s new observations have shown formations that challenge current scientific models.

“A unique phenomenon—A geomagnetically quiet time merging of Equatorial Ionization Anomaly (EIA)…


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