New device draws blood samples like a leech | Science & Technology

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Researchers have created a new device for taking blood samples that works like a leech.

The new device is less invasive than taking blood from the arm with a needle. It is also easy to handle and can be used by people without medical training.

Many people are afraid of needles, and having a doctor take a blood sample from their arm makes them uncomfortable. There is an alternative: a prick to the fingertip or earlobe. But for many laboratory tests, the drop of blood that can be obtained from these places is not enough.

Above all, however, tests done with them are often inaccurate: laboratory values fluctuate from measurement to measurement.

Although the new device cannot collect as much blood as a needle, it can collect significantly more than a finger prick. This makes diagnostic measurements more reliable.

A prototype of the new small blood collection device. (Credit: Zoratto et al. Advanced Science… Source
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