New Extended Footage Of Antelope Canyon Flash Flooding (Video) | News World

Antelope Canyon on the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park in Lechee, Arizona is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the Southwest and at the end of last month Antelope Canyon underwent sizable flash flooding which is fascinating because that’s how the canyons were formed in the first place, through flash flooding eroding the Navajo Sandstone.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to refer to it just as ‘Antelope Canyon’ though in reality there are six scenic slot canyon sections on the Navajo reservation that are major tourist attractions including The Crack, The Corkscrew, and 4 others. But the reality is all of them were formed ages ago through flash flooding the gorgeous Navajo Sandstone and it is thanks to flash flooding these tourist attractions exist today.

The #1 rule of visiting canyons like these are stay AWAY after heavy rains because flash flooding can quickly occur. Flash flooding can also occur 30-60 minutes later so people…


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