New multiplayer survival game features crafting, base building, automatic weapons and flying. The twist? Everyone plays as a bunch of ducks | Gaming

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Just when you think you’ve seen every variation of survival game imaginable, along comes a game like Duckside. Developed by Tinybuild Riga, Duckside is a multiplayer survival sim in the style of Rust and DayZ, only everyone plays as a duck.

“Over 10 million ducks get killed per year by hunters, a statistic that would be much lower if ducks were combat trained,” states the game’s Steam page. “Enter Duckside, a persistent world survival game like DayZ or Rust… but you’re a duck, and so is everybody else.”

As reported by IGN, Duckside is developed by Tinybuild Riga, and aims to offer a familiar blend of resource gathering, tool and weapon crafting, base-building, and open ended combat against human NPCs and other player ducks.

Beyond the novelty value of its player characters (which, let’s face it, represents 90% of this game’s raison d’etre) the most interesting wrinkle here is that being a duck means that you can fly around the map from the start. Such freedom of movement could add a fresh dynamic to Rust-style survivalism. Granted, you can fly in Rust too, but only after you’ve built a helicopter, which isn’t easy in a game where you start off hitting rocks with a smaller rock.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which you can view above, as well as a second video titled ‘basics of survival [Youtube]‘ that shows off some resource gathering and base construction. Frankly, I’d say ‘basic’ is the operative word here. The flying looks half-decent, but actions like pecking trees and rocks for resources seem rudimentary in their implementation, while the environment is hardly the most eye-catching survival wilderness…

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