OpenAI staffers highlight 4 changes they want with the progression of AI | Windows

What you need to know

  • Current and former OpenAI employees have signed an open letter (endorsed by The Godfathers of AI) addressing and presenting ways to mitigate AI risks.
  • Some of the measures include prohibiting AI firms from enforcing NDAs that restrict criticism of the company for risk-related concerns.
  • This is in the wake of OpenAI being ousted for reportedly forcing departing employees to sign NDAs or run the risk of losing their vested equity,

In May, a handful of OpenAI employees departed from the company, including super alignment lead Jan Leike, after it unveiled its ‘magical’ new flagship GPT-4o model at its Spring Update event.  

The top executive indicated his departure was fueled by constant disagreements over security, monitoring, and prioritizing shiny products. Consequently, this opened a can of worms for the hot startup, with former OpenAI board members reporting incidents of psychological abuse involving CEO Sam Altman


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