OTK Games Expo and Cash App award $50,000 to five indie devs | Gaming

OTK Media has awarded a total of $50,000 to indie developers that showcased their games at 2024’s OTK Games Expo. In partnership with Cash App, the creator collective awarded five participating developers with $10,000 each.

Based on Twitch chat’s votes, the creator collective recognized five very different games featured at the OTK Games Expo.

  • Solar Punk — a cozy survival city-builder from Cyberwave and publisher rokaplay
  • Screenbound — a retro platformer from Crescent Moon Games
  • Wizordum — a retro FPS from Emberheart Games and publisher Apogee Entertainment
  • World’s Worst Handyman — a comedy stealth sim from Baby Lumberjack
  • Combo Devils — a platform fighter with a roguelite mode from Punkzilla

Additionally, OTK Media’s PC brand Starforge Systems awarded $10,000 to the title with the best art style. Twitch chat voted to give the Starforge Art Star…

Source venturebeat.com

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