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Almost exactly a year ago, I posed a card puzzle here that sparked a frenzy in the comments section. The solution to that puzzle was so counterintuitive that several readers rejected it outright. In honor of the approaching anniversary, it’s time to stir up more controversy with two more surprising card puzzles.

Did you miss last week’s puzzle? Check it out here, and find its solution at the bottom of today’s article. Be careful not to read too far ahead if you haven’t solved last week’s yet!

Puzzle #46: Coming Up Aces

1. Shuffle a normal face-down deck of 52 playing cards and then flip one card at a time face up.

Which card is more likely to come immediately after the first ace appears: the king of spades or the ace of spades? In other words, you’ll flip over cards until you see an ace…

Source gizmodo.com

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