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What you need to know

  • When Blizzard Entertainment relaunched Overwatch as Overwatch 2 in 2022, it converted the game’s 6v6 format into a 5v5 one with one less tank per team. This change was intended to speed the game up and promote more active playstyles, though it was (and still is) extremely divisive.
  • Now, though, 6v6 can be enjoyed in Overwatch 2 with classic hero balancing thanks to a new Workshop custom game called “Overwatch 1 Emulator,” made by a team of talented players.
  • The mode reenables 6v6, reverts all Overwatch 2 reworks and balance changes, recreates abilities from the original game with near-perfect authenticity, and brings back cut maps like Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries.
  • Like all Workshop modes, Overwatch 1 Emulator is playable on both the console and PC version of Overwatch 2; you’ll find the code for it in the text below, along with a link to its Discord server where players are organizing play sessions.

When Blizzard Entertainment relaunched its popular 2016 PvP hero shooter Overwatch as Overwatch 2 in late 2022, its biggest — and most controversial — change to the game was the shift from a 6v6 format to a 5v5 one. Aiming to quicken the overall pace of the game and promote more active playstyles, the developer removed one tank hero from each team. But even though it also buffed tanks up to make tanking without a partner easier, the shift to 5v5 was nevertheless extremely divisive. Some enjoy the faster gameplay and greater impact individual players can have on a match, but others miss things like tank synergies and the original game’s stronger emphasis on team-wide strategy.

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